Meeting Girls

from by Thick Red Wine

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this song is about taking risks.

i associate it heavily with one of my best friends from college. she’s one of my favorite people in the world. and she had a hard time putting herself out there in her love life. she’d get loud and drunk and joke about how she hated men for being idiots.

her being my best friend and all though, she was also there through a lot of crazy shit that happened with the girls i dated. making sure i knew i was making mistake after mistake steering myself into emotional disasters.

i had some of those. and yeah i guess i was plenty bitter for a while. but eventually i came around to the notion that taking risks is worth the trouble even if they don’t work out. it’s okay to feel shitty after you jump off an emotional cliff. to use it as a rationale to not jump off again seemed worse though. bitterness just seemed like a crappy way to live.

in the original recording, the “hipster girl” verse had “worry less about shoegaze/ focus more on getting laid” but i switched it to dubstep/enjoying sex for some reason. it’s not the only song i’ve written where i mention hipsters or dubstep.

anyway there’s a cruel irony to the song for me though. another song on the album—“if i had a shotgun”—was written years later. and one line in it sort of contradicts this song’s sentiment—“mostly i try to stay away from pain.”

but it’s true. i still take risks. it just happens less often. maybe i’m kidding myself but i think they are bigger risks. risks that are all or nothing. risks that matter. but maybe i’m just too scared to live my own words from a few years ago. i don’t know! i contradict myself often. such is life.


I’d like to meet a skinny girl and fatten her right up
I’d show her what they mean when they say looks are not enough
And I’d bake her brownies every day
As my small, special way to say
I’d rather watch you smile than watch you watch your weight

I’d like to meet a hipster girl and shit on all her bands
I’d only play her love songs and she'd want to hold my hand
She'd worry less about Dubstep
Focus more on enjoying sex
And I’d keep her so damn warm but she'd still feel cool

Really I’d just like to find
A girl out there with a like mind
A girl to be my wonder drug
I’d give her what’s left of my love
Together we would fear no pain
I’d kiss her in the evening rain
And I’d rip my shirt right off to dry her face
Like we were movie stars

I’d like to meet an insecure girl and help her find her pride
In everything that she's become and what she's made of her life
She wouldn't even need me to see
She’s the bomb like a WMD
But I’d be there to tell her she's great when she forgets

I’d like to meet a quiet girl and let her talk for hours
She’d open herself up to me and we'd sip on Whiskey Sours
She wouldn't be scared that I’d use her
So we’d both be a little looser
She’d be happy to know that I’m just listening

Really I’d just like to meet
Anyone who would like to meet me
Maybe we would hate each other
But we’d go on and find another
Some people never try things on
They’re too afraid of what could go wrong
It seems strange to me to be scared of what could go right


from Never Wanted to Be Cool, released February 26, 2013


all rights reserved



Thick Red Wine Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

anti-folk-punk-indie-rock noisemaker. supporter of DIY communities, marginalized voices, burrito diets

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